What is this about?

A while ago there was a bit of a lag at my 9 to 5.30 office job. I work in real estate. One of the major franchises so normally pretty busy. But there was an eerie quite in our area and for a good couple of months I exhausted myself trying to look busy. You know working around with papers in my hand and doing each chore painstakingly slow. So on one of the days when the bosses were out and I could relax a little I started chatting with a co-worker. I told him I need a side job. He said like what? I told him I’d love to write. I told him how when I was a little kid I wrote a horror story about a haunted house and got three gold stars. I told him how I wanted to be a writer but I didn’t know what to write about. He told me to start a blog….So I did.

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